Discovery Space Rooftop Tent

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The Discovery Space is a hard shell rooftop tent available from James Baroud. It features a fiberglass fortified polyester shell combined with a five (5) year warranty.

The unique design of the Discovery Space combines the compact roof profile of the Discovery Evolution with the proven design of the Explorer Evolution and Grand Raid Evolution. Now with 50cms headroom at the front and 145 cms at the rear the Discovery Space allows for an adult to sit upright at the rear of the tent, this increases the functionality of the tent. You can have a bit of a stretch or perhaps get changed. The innovative new raked roof profile also increases air circulation through the tent. The larger doors and windows providing fantastic cross flow ventilation. For extreme conditions ventilation can also be assisted by the solar powered ventilation system, which comes standard on this model.

The blades in these vents can be reversed to convert the fan into an extractor. Access is easily gained using the folding ladder provided with each tent. The ladder attaches to the lower hull and the specially designed, telescoping legs adjust to the movement of the vehicle as you enter and leave.

All James Baroud roof top tents fit to the roof bars of most vehicles and can be removed and stored when not needed and are covered by a 5 year guarantee on the fabric, hull and mechanism.


140 lbs

Outside Dimensions

  • Length: 79″
  • Width: 55″
  • Height Closed: 13″
  • Height Open: 22″ Front / 52″ Rear

Inside Dimensions

  • Length: 78″
  • Width: 54.25″
  • Height: 20″ Front / 50″ Rear


170 lbs

The XXL version of this tent shares the same footprint as our largest model, the Grand Raid.

Outside Dimensions
Length: 89.5″
Width: 64.5″

Inside Dimensions
Length: 89″
Width: 64″

Automatic Opening
The opening of the Discovery Space Evolution is a simple task thanks to the two ALKO gas-charged struts that automatically open the tent when the latches are unhooked. Closing the tent is just as simple! The canvas has a built-in rubber band which helps keep it retracted when stowing away.

The Outer Shell
The outer shell of the Discovery Space Evolution utilizes fiberglass fortified polyester and is one of the thickest shells on the market. There are two air vents with dust filters to help improve air circulation and fight moisture build up. We've also incorporated aerodynamic ribs into the shell which help improve wind noise and fuel economy. These integrated ribs also strengthen the structure ensuring its tough enough for any adventure.

The Fabric
We guarantee you won't find a better fabric on any rooftop tent. All of our tents utilize aluminized polyester with an acrylic coating that is 100% waterproof, breathable, UV resistant, no-perishable, and reflects the sun's rays. This means it will stand up for years of use without ever having an issue! All openings feature mosquito netting, zipper, and velcro fastening.

Interior Lighting
Lighting inside the tent is provided by a rechargeable flashlight with a 12 volt charger. Its designed to be tough with a belt clip and very easy to store. The flashlight has 15 LED lights and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens along with a battery charge indicator.

A fan is built into each hard shell tent we build. This ventilation system can run for 24 hours straight on a single charge when full and is recharged by an integrated solar panel. A second fan propeller with reverse blades is supplied and is designed to act as a fan.

These tents come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.